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About The Energy Cleaner

A therapeutic method and apparatus to induce the healing of tissue cells by an electrical stimulus to a tissue area with the problematic condition by the application of low density charges of alternate polarities. The apparatus performs the therapeutic function by alternately charging and discharging the cells in 15 minute intervals over periods time from 1 to 12 hours.

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Author and outdoor guide Steve Whitman writes:

My wife, who was anxious to help me, attached the Energy Cleaner to our bed at camp utilizing the screening as recommended, and after only one week of use, the pain was almost gone. I could not believe it. After two weeks, I had no pain at all, my back was strong, and I felt like I did at 25!  Physical work became a non-issue and leaping into a pick-up to take people on a guided fishing trip became enjoyable again. I was back in the gym doing my full routine and running 10-12 miles a week. The years of suffering had come to an end! At the time, I had no idea, just how important my healthy and strong back would mean to me in the very near future. Continue Reading?


Latest News

  • 12.01.17  30 day guarantee extended to 90 day effective immediately!
  • 16.02.15:  Optional Energy Cleaner Compatible Pads are being offered on a trial basis to determine demand.  This is tentatively a limited time offer.
  • 01.12.14: 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee effective this date.

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